I could cry with relief, pride and love all at the same time! As a mum is it so hard to see your daughter suffering mentally. [The facilitator’s] care, patience and wonderful learning approach has transformed how she thinks, feels and behaves. There are no words that can truly describe how much [the programme] has helped her and how truly thankful I am. T.

The programme helped me be the best version of myself. G.

I do not suffer with depression but the programme’s concepts have helped me to approach life in a positive and constructive way. Dr M.

I am privileged to have completed the Cognitive Mind Programme. It has changed my whole way of thinking, and made me a more positive, happier person, with great hope and purpose for my future. I am a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, and also qualified in Applied Behaviour Analysis, with many years of experience. I am truly committed to, and believe in the CBT approach. However, for me the CMP was so much quicker to have a positive effect, was so much easier to understand and practice and, most importantly, offers more lasting benefits over time. After the programme it’s so much easier to ward off those low moods and anxieties. I would wholeheartedly recommend the CMP to anyone experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. In fact, all of us, low mood, anxiety or not, would benefit and be better, happier people from this approach. D.

I had the pleasure of taking part in [this] cognitive program, I was struggling with my emotions and my lack of confidence. I found the program helped me gain confidence and the ability to pull myself out of my down days. I feel [the] approach much more action oriented than other forms of counselling I’ve had in the past. [It] has helped me in more ways than I can put into words. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with their mental health. S.

I was in a very dark place before visiting [the facilitator]. His calming ways and superb program saved my life. Thank you for everything. C.

Enlightened by the material, privileged to have learned, and extremely grateful to [the facilitator] for his kindness, empathy and valued time. Learn the course and empower yourself. You deserve the best of help – and here it is. F.

Thanks for the CMP. It’s excellent and I found it all fascinating, especially Session 4 with which I identify on many points. A lot of it I think I already knew, but to see it all written down makes it more real somehow. Now have to put words into practice. J.